A little about our approach to videography

In an industry that is highly competitive with very little barriers to entry, the video industry is quickly becoming filled with young inexperienced freelance videographers who don't understand the nuance of business and marketing. This leads to businesses spending thousands on flashy videos that only serve to boost their portfolios and float their egos.

Trident Creative operates in the space where purpose, quality and affordability meet. We seek to find solutions to our clients projects needs, this means we are consumed with finding the best outcomes for our clients not stroking our own ego. We have a team of videographers who specialise in videos for business, this includes brand videos, advertising, social media content, client testimonial videos, real estate videos and much more.

What we do.

You've probably heard all the buzz words before about telling your brand story to connect with your customers better. But the reality is that brand videos help you to create a more authentic connection with your audience through the power of video.

Brand Videos

The amount of content that is required for the modern day business to excel on social media is outrageous. We have created retainers and packages to help solve the problem of content creation for our clients.

Social Media Content

Social proof is one of the greatest forms of branding that has ever existed. Video testimonials from your clients serves to resolve objections that your audience may have and to create a strong expectation for your products/services.

Client Testimonials

Every business needs clever and well thought out video advertising. Whether you're creating something for TV or for social media ads, developing and producing concepts that are short and captivating is a hard task. We can help from conception to creation and every step in between.


Most realestate videos are not being used correctly. Realestate videos are not about selling the homes, it is about branding for the agent. This is why our approach is different to many others in this space, looking to make you the star and the house your leading lady.

Real Estate Videos

Educational videos come in many forms and types. These can be simple instructional type videos using screen captures too highly complex productions that require actors and well thought out scenes. Our teams are capable to assist with all videos big and small.

Educational Videos

Creating a quality animated video takes a lot of time and skill to execute at a high level. It requires art direction, graphic design skills, animation skills and a whole lot more. We work with a curate team of creatives to project manage any type of video animations.

Animated Explainer Videos

Events are a great way to promote your business and bring people together. However, once the event is over everything is forgotten. Event videography is a great investment for anyone running and event, to help retain key messages and experience for those who attended.

Event Videography

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