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Every good project starts with a plan! Pre-production is crucial to ensure that the video has clear objectives and goals. We want to make sure your video hits every target. Therefore this part of the process required collaboration you before the work commences brainstorming ideas and fleshing out concepts. From there, we will develop storyboards/scripts,  scene/shot lists, location scouting, equipment lists, and production schedules.


So we've done all the planning, now it's time for the big day, film day! Production is essentially the execution of the film plan developed in the pre-production process. Here you will get to see our team in action, setting up shots, directing talent, and operating our high-end camera equipment to make sure we capture everything at the highest quality possible.


This is where the magic happens, where we shape the raw materials and bring your ideas to life. There are many steps involved in the post-production stage of the film making process. This part includes editing, titles and animations, audio mixing, and colour grading. Through the post-production process, we are even able to take footage supplied by our clients filmed on readily available devices and produce an impressive finish product.


It's time for you to see what we've been up to and give your feedback. We use an intuitive and award-winning collaboration tool that allows you to leave detailed notes and draw on the screen to highlight objects to better explain your revision notes at the exact moment in the timeline that needs fixing. You can also share the link with other collaborators in your organisation for their feedback. All of that feedback is automatically turned into a checklist of revisions and shows up directly in our editor, allowing quick and seamless corrections.


By now, you are amazed at the outstanding work we have done in such a short period, and you congratulate yourself on choosing such an incredible video team. We then send you the final versions of the project along with a download link for you to access all of the original media filmed during production.

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If you've ever wanted a powerful business growth tool that will help increase conversion rates and creates emotional investment, then a brand video is for you. Telling your business story through video is the most effective way to motivate potential customers to spend more time on your website and take the actions required to make a meaningful connection.


VIDEO Advertising

The effectiveness and demand for video advertising have skyrocketed since the introduction of high-speed internet and targeted social media advertising. We help increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by creating targeted video advertising that is native to the platform and connects with your audience's interests and emotional reasons for purchasing your products.



High-quality property videos should be an absolute must for every real estate agent that wants to dominate the market. There is no greater method for an explosive increase in your community awareness as an agent than with a property video combined with targeted social media advertising. I'm sure if you're reading this, you already know all that, and if you don't, we're here to help.



If you want ROI with your video spend, then video testimonials are the place to get it. Word of mouth is the highest valued marketing collateral. I mean, why try to tell someone else how great your business is when your clients can do the talking. This process is simple, affordable, and incredibly effective. The question is, why haven't you started already?



Leveraging memories are a fantastic way to generate conversation about your business. If you're an event organiser, do you have a strategy for leveraging these memories? Why not have us capture your next event and create highlight videos for your audience to get excited about and share with their networks?


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