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About the project.


Strategic Media Partners is an independent media agency based in Mackay, Queensland, offering full-service advertising and digital marketing services.


Strategic Media Partners approached us looking to develop a TVC style campaign to promote their business and help themselves standout in a way that separated them from many of their competing companies.


Trident Creative provided Strategic Media Partners with three short thirty seconds video ads that had a focus on a central character in each scene. Each video demonstrated a scene where small business owners try to market their own businesses and end up getting themselves into trouble. The hero "SMP" then comes to the day and saves them from their own disasters. The goal of these videos was to connect with small business owners in a comedic manner where they can relate to these scenarios being played out.

This series of videos required a full production team including a director, lighting, director of photography and sound engineer. Each scene was shot in various locations across brisbane that were scouted and staged by our creative team. The entire video series was a product of the our creative agency that included engaging script writing and storyline, talent scouting, location scouting, storyboarding, filming, editing, colour grading and audio mixing.



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