Refreshing your brand is harder than you think.

About the project.


QPaint is a family owned painting company based in Queensland, specialising in exterior, interior and commercial painting.


QPaint were looking to build an effective brand, focusing it on their residential and strata clients, with a goal to soften the look and feel of the brand as it currently feels to be more aimed towards their commercial clients. QPaint also wanted to ensure all of their branding was consistent and clear across all mediums. As a result of multiple internal and external parties having an impact on the brand, QPaint wanted to create a cohesive brand document for all of these parties to be able to connect with and use as a framework for future marketing efforts.


In the first stage of this project, our team conducted a customer persona research to better understand and build an accurate customer persona to ensure that we were confident that all future works were targeted at the right customers' needs, passions and drives

Once we built the customer personas we progressed to modernising the current branding. This included  modernising the logo, investigating new icon options, new colour palettes and typography. After this has been completed, we put the information into a brand guide to create a best use practice for the new brand. 

Finally, our team designed  all of the brand assets to fit in with the new branding. This included car wrap designs, business cards, letterheads, and email signature designs.



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