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About the project.


Lee Novak’s professional music career spans over three decades which has seen him performing alongside some of the highest chart-topping artists, through to being the bass player on several live and studio recordings.


Lee Novak Music is looking to build a professional looking website to build his personal brand and assist in the sales process of booking gigs and getting bass students.


To reach the desired goal for Lee Novak, our team has designed a relatively simple design that has a consistent focus on highlighting Lee Novak’s knowledge and extensive experience in the music industry.

The website consists of a custom designed four page layout with the following pages. 

  1. Home page (This page is focused around who Lee is and his experience in the industry). 
  2. Become A Student (This page is focused on becoming a bass student).
  3. Bookings (This page is focused around live performance/studio sessions). 
  4. Contact page (This page has a focus on all the ways people can get connected with Lee Novak).

The overall approach that we took with this website design and development was to present an initial design concept to Lee, and refine over three revisions. Once this design has been refined and approved, we then began the development stage where we turned the design into a functioning website. In addition to this, as a part of the design process we incorporated a professional portrait photoshoot with Leah Desborough Photography for website content.



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