Social proof through the power of video testimonials.

About the project.


Green Energy Technologies specialises in all things solar panels and green energy batteries, through to full solar system solutions.


Our relationship with Green Energy Technologies started a few years ago when they were wanting some content to build a strong brand on social media. Fast forward to today, our most recent project with them was creating 3x 90 second client testimonial videos to help promote their services in Brisbane.


To create the content needed for the 3x 90 second client testimonials, we liaised closely with the team at Green Energy Technologies. Once the clients had been selected, our project management team developed a relevant questionnaire for the interview that (directed their response back to their involvement, service and work done by GET). For each testimonial, we required a half a day of filming to capture both the interview and the B-Roll of the installation. 

In addition to the 3x 90 second client testimonials that were captured, our team also edited 3x 30 second social media versions for the Green Energy team to use at their discretion. 

Our work with Green Energy Technologies has been one of our favourite projects to date. Words can tell you one thing, so why don’t you check the work out for yourself.



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