If you're hosting an event, you can't afford to not invest in capturing it with video. There is no better way to cultivate social sharing, FOMO, and emotional purchasing than with a killer event video strategy.

See what it takes to build great video content



Our experienced video team will capture the energy, excitement, and memorable moments at your event using our high-end video gear. We can do roaming cameras, fixed cameras, and everything in between. After your event, we edit the footage to create highlight videos, event testimonials, and promotional videos for the marketing of your event.


Event videography is something that every event organiser out there should be considering. If you're an event organiser for an independent event like a festival, conference, or concert than event videography will be crucial for your social media and future promotions. For those organising corporate events like product/store launches or annual conferences, event videography will play a significant role in organisational buy-in and excitement.


We know that sharing memories is a significant motivation when it comes to social sharing, and social sharing is a crucial part of emotional purchasing when it comes to events. I'm sure you've heard the saying that a picture tells a thousand words, will each second of a video consists of 25 images. When you realise this, you can see how every event you organise should be captured with video.


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