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At Trident Creative, we believe that brands have personalities just like people.
Our creative team of videographers, graphic designers and audio engineers
work together to uncover your brand's personality and create a lasting first


We have the experience,  professional gear and the team to turn your ideas into professional, high-end video productions. We aim to build trust in your brand and connect people emotionally to your business. 

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We design with your customer in mind, focusing on the small details that will shape how your customer perceives your business. Whether it's turning your logo into a brand or turning your website into a digital experience, we design to connect you with your customers better. 

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Audio is something that nobody notices when done well; however, it is frighteningly apparent when done poorly. Your audience will judge poor audio far before they see poor visuals. We can help with mixing, mastering, custom music production, podcast solutions, and recording audiobooks.

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